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Picnic 2022, prosciutto, beer, cheese, grapes, caper berries, cotton, tobacco, crackers, Corelle plates, Bic lighter, resin


Tasked with creating a portable picnic for two in Allen Wexler's Design studio class I set out to capture three moments in time. The past was the meal that my friend Charley and I shared in the park. The entire meal was recorded on camera and meticulously transcribed and timestamped.


The present was the same meal preserved in resin, a fossil of the meal that remains as fresh (although inedible) as the day it was encased. Sanded and bound by a leather cinch it is a monument to a meal that has come and gone. 

Screenshot 2023-09-24 at 5.02.14 PM.png

And the future, an infographic depicting the recorded meal down to the individual bite, sip, and puff. Reproducible and able to be performed again in the future.

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